Top Geospatial Companies in Germany


Germany stands as a pivotal hub for geospatial technology in Europe, with a rich ecosystem of companies driving innovation in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related fields. From mapping and surveying to advanced analytics and bespoke solutions for sectors ranging from agriculture to urban planning, these companies leverage cutting-edge technology to solve complex spatial challenges. This article highlights the top geospatial companies in Germany, showcasing their contributions to the field and the unique solutions they offer to clients worldwide.

1. FlyPix AI

At FlyPix AI, we stand at the forefront of geospatial innovation with our GEO AI platform, reshaping the approach to complex imagery analysis by generating precise, geo-referenced insights. Our platform’s versatility spans a myriad of applications, from environmental monitoring to enhancing urban development strategies, all powered by our AI-driven processes that guarantee accuracy and efficiency.

Our platform boasts an array of features specifically designed to meet the demands of the geospatial industry. Supported by an extensive selection of AI models, our AI-powered object detection and localization enable the identification, segmentation, and precise location of objects and regions with exceptional accuracy. But we don’t stop at mere detection; we conduct thorough analyses of object attributes, including type, size, and spatial area, offering a comprehensive understanding of the imagery data. Furthermore, our capabilities in detecting changes and anomalies over time are crucial for identifying emergent patterns in aerial imagery. Our dynamic tracking utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to monitor changes in object characteristics or positions, adjusting seamlessly to project developments.

At FlyPix AI, it’s not just about the technological prowess; we prioritize the user experience, presenting a streamlined interface that simplifies the visualization and interpretation of geospatial data. This approach revolutionizes remote inspection and analysis processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. Our platform’s custom-designed solutions serve a broad spectrum of industries—government entities, the construction sector, renewable energy, agriculture, risk management, the oil and gas industry, forestry, and smart city initiatives—all benefiting from a competitive edge through our advanced deep learning technologies.

We position ourselves as strategic allies in operational excellence, offering additional services that enhance the platform’s utility. This includes sourcing high-quality imagery through partnerships with leading satellite and drone providers, and providing customized training to ensure our clients fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. At FlyPix AI, we’re dedicated to tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs of each project, ensuring optimal use of our innovative technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced AI Technology: FlyPix leads with cutting-edge AI, transforming complex imagery into comprehensive insights.
  • Extensive AI Model Library: A broad range of AI models support detailed object detection and localization across various sectors.
  • In-depth Object Analysis: Offers profound insights into the characteristics of objects, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Change and Anomaly Detection: Essential for tracking environmental and urban developments through precise monitoring of changes.
  • Dynamic Object Tracking: Employs sophisticated AI for adaptable tracking of object changes, catering to evolving project needs.
  • User-Centric Interface: Designed for ease of use, enhancing data visualization and reporting capabilities for remote analyses.
  • Efficiency and Resource Saving: Facilitates cost-effective remote inspections and analyses, offering significant time and resource savings.
  • Competitive Edge: Delivers rapid, in-depth insights with deep learning technology, ensuring a competitive advantage in various fields.


  • Imagery Sourcing: Access to premium satellite and drone imagery through strategic partnerships.
  • Custom Use Cases: Tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of different industries, enhancing the applicability of FlyPix’s offerings.
  • Training Programs: Comprehensive training sessions designed to empower users with the knowledge to utilize all platform functionalities effectively.
  • Solution Customization: Offers customization to meet specific project detection requirements, extending beyond the existing capabilities of the platform.
  • Industry Versatility: Supports a wide array of sectors including government, construction, renewable energy, agriculture, risk management, and smart city planning, providing versatile solutions across the board.

Contact Information:

2. LiveEO 

LiveEO, a German geospatial company, emerged in 2018 from the vision of Sven and Daniel, two enthusiasts passionate about leveraging the vast, largely untapped potential of satellite data through Artificial Intelligence (AI) for global betterment. They recognized the transformative power of Earth Observation data to not only enhance business operations but also to elevate our quality of life. With a commitment to unlocking the full potential of this data for humanity’s benefit, LiveEO stands as a testament to the application of cutting-edge technology in fostering a safer, more sustainable planet. Their innovative approach aims at harnessing satellite data to offer actionable, geo-referenced insights across various sectors.

The company has carved a niche in the infrastructure sector, focusing initially on linear grids such as electricity, railways, or pipelines, integral to societal functioning. By employing 

AI-driven satellite monitoring solutions, LiveEO has significantly streamlined the protection, maintenance, and sustainability of these networks. Their methodologies not only ensure enhanced safety and reliability but also promise increased efficiency. The efficacy of LiveEO’s solutions has garnered the trust of infrastructure operators globally, including Deutsche Bahn, Europe’s largest railway operator. Moreover, LiveEO’s ambition transcends beyond infrastructure, aiming to revolutionize multiple industries through satellite-based monitoring, evidencing their commitment to broad-spectrum technological innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • Pioneering Satellite Data Utilization: Utilizing AI to transform satellite data into actionable, geo-referenced insights for diverse applications.
  • Infrastructure Focus: Initially concentrating on infrastructure sectors to enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of essential networks.
  • Global Recognition: Gaining trust from global infrastructure operators, including a significant partnership with Deutsche Bahn.


  • EUDR Compliance (TradeAware): AI-driven satellite insights streamline the journey to full European Deforestation Regulation compliance.
  • Vegetation Management (Treeline): AI satellite analytics for detecting and assessing vegetation, providing risk evaluations to safeguard assets.
  • Third-Party Interference (SurfaceScout Monitoring): Monitors vicinity activities around assets, offering early hazard warnings.
  • Rapid Disaster Response (SurfaceScout Rapid Response): Quick damage site identification post-storm, enhancing field team notifications.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: Cuvrystraße 3 – 4, 10997 Berlin, Germany
  • Phone Number: +49 162 3414693
  • LinkedIn:
  • Twitter:

3. WeTransform

Wetransform, a pioneering company based in Germany, dedicates itself to enhancing the accessibility and interoperability of spatial and environmental data. By harnessing the power of “green data,” they aim to drive innovation and collaboration, assisting both government entities and private organizations in harmonizing complex datasets. Their efforts are focused on addressing critical global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and health concerns, demonstrating a commitment to leveraging data for the greater good of society and the environment.

The company’s expertise is deeply rooted in the European Commission’s INSPIRE data standard, positioning themselves as leaders in green data harmonization. Through their innovative tools, hale»studio and hale»connect, wetransform provides comprehensive solutions for the management and sharing of environmental and spatial data. hale»studio is celebrated as the premier open-source ETL tool for the harmonization of spatial and environmental data, while hale»connect offers a fully integrated platform for the compliant sharing of such data. These tools are designed to simplify the complex process of data harmonization, making compliant sharing straightforward and efficient.

Key Highlights:

  • Focus on Green Data: Commitment to improving the accessibility and interoperability of environmental and spatial data.
  • INSPIRE Compliance: Expertise in the European Commission’s INSPIRE data standard, offering a solid foundation for data harmonization.
  • Innovative Tools: Development of hale»studio and hale»connect, leading tools for data harmonization and compliant sharing.


  • Data Harmonisation Consulting: Expert guidance on harmonizing spatial and environmental data.
  • High-Value Datasets Act Compliance: Assistance in meeting the European Commission’s requirements for open data availability.
  • Research Data Management: Solutions for managing and utilizing research data effectively.
  • Workshops & Training: Educational programs to empower organizations with the knowledge to utilize wetransform’s tools effectively.
  • XPlanung – Planning and Zoning for Germany: Specialized services for planning and zoning within the German context.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Fraunhoferstr. 5, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany
  • Phone Number: +4961516290890

4. Cellgrid

Cellgrid emerges as a pioneering force within Germany’s geospatial industry, dedicated to facilitating more informed urban planning and development decisions through advanced data modeling. Utilizing a blend of satellite imagery, historical maps, and governmental data, the company offers detailed projections on urban dynamics such as population shifts, urban sprawl, and soon, economic activity and traffic patterns. By providing insights at a building-level resolution, including demographics like age and gender, Cellgrid equips users with the nuanced data necessary to anticipate and adapt to the evolving landscape of city development.

Their platform serves as an invaluable tool for understanding and navigating the complexities of urban growth, enabling organizations to make strategic decisions grounded in comprehensive forecasts. With over twenty data layers and a five-year forecasting window, Cellgrid’s web app allows for a rich analysis of urban changes over time. This analysis can be enriched by integrating additional features such as natural properties, reachability, or risk indices, offering a holistic view of potential urban developments. Moreover, the ability to search for locations based on specific criteria further enhances the platform’s utility for strategic planning.

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced Data Modeling: Combines satellite imagery, historical maps, and governmental data to predict urban dynamics.
  • Comprehensive Urban Forecasts: Offers detailed projections on population shifts, urban sprawl, and upcoming economic activity and traffic patterns.
  • Strategic Planning Tool: A web app that enriches raw forecasts with additional datasets for an in-depth understanding of urban developments.


  • Urban Development Forecasts: Predictive modeling of population dynamics, construction activities, and soon, economic activity and traffic patterns.
  • Customizable Data Solutions: The ability to discuss and develop individualized solutions to meet specific organizational needs.
  • Data Export and API Integration: Offers raw forecasts in various formats for easy integration, supporting raster and vector formats at a fixed cost per square kilometer.
  • Future AI Model Training: An upcoming feature to train custom models within a no-code environment, ensuring data confidentiality and encryption.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Rethelstr. 151, 40237 Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Email:

5. Spacedatists GmbH

Spacedatists GmbH, emerging directly from the esteemed Technische Universität Dortmund, specializes in the digital management of spatial data, offering cutting-edge solutions in municipal land management. This enterprise stands out for its dedication to digitizing, processing, managing, analyzing, and presenting geospatial information. By integrating advanced GeoIT (hardware and software) alongside established methods of spatial research, Spacedatists GmbH delivers innovative solutions tailored to the needs of urban and spatial planning sectors. Their commitment to utilizing openly accessible data from the EU, federal, state, and local levels underscores a commitment to transparency and reliability in their services.

The company prides itself on being a pioneer in the digitalization of zoning plans into the new and legally binding XPlanung format, positioning itself at the forefront of digital urban planning in Germany. The team at Spacedatists GmbH comprises seasoned urban planners and GIS specialists, ensuring a high level of expertise in refining spatial information. Their partnership with Esri, a global leader in geospatial technologies, allows them to harness the latest advancements in geoinformation technology. This collaboration ensures that their services and products are accessible across a wide range of devices, thanks to online GIS solutions, making Spacedatists GmbH a versatile partner across various sectors of city and spatial planning.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovative Urban Planning Solutions: Specializes in digital management of spatial data, focusing on municipal land management.
  • XPlanung Pioneers: Leads in the digitalization of zoning plans into the legally binding XPlanung format.
  • Partnership with Esri: Utilizes the latest geoinformation technologies from the global leader in geospatial solutions.


  • Digital Zoning Planning: Digitizes planning documents from various source data and converts them into the XPlanung exchange format.
  • Brownfield Monitoring: Identifies municipal brownfields and building gaps, highlighting densification potential.
  • Green Mapping: Analyzes and supports the management of green spaces within the responsibility area.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Phone: +49 (0) 231 18838226
  • Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

6. GeoMon

GeoMon stands at the forefront of the geospatial industry in Germany, distinguished by its utilization of cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for comprehensive data collection, orthophoto computation, and tailored data analysis services. Their proficiency in managing geospatial data is complemented by a versatile service portfolio, designed to address the specific challenges and objectives of their clientele. Through a strategic blend of in-house expertise and collaborative efforts with a select network of partners, GeoMon extends its capacity to fulfill a wide array of project requirements, ensuring customized solutions for every client.

The company’s collaborative network is a cornerstone of its operational model, encompassing partnerships with specialized entities like Ökobüro Gelnhausen for environmental initiatives, particularly in the realm of aquatic restoration, and Jens Janßen Ingenieurbüro for conventional surveying endeavors. GeoMon’s drone operations are notably powered by TOPCON technology, with a preference for the SIRIUS Pro drone, while their photogrammetry tasks are executed using Fujitsu Computers for optimal precision. Notably, GeoMon has earned recognition as an official reseller and the inaugural Agisoft-certified training center in Germany for Agisoft MetaShape software, highlighting their authority and innovation in photogrammetry.

Key Highlights:

  • Expertise in Geospatial Data: GeoMon excels in the collection, analysis, and management of geospatial data, underpinned by extensive industry experience.
  • Customized Service Portfolio: Offers a broad range of services, meticulously crafted to align with individual client requirements and project goals.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborates with specialized firms to enhance service delivery for ecological conservation, surveying, and photogrammetry projects.
  • Advanced UAS Technology: Employs sophisticated UAS technology for precise aerial data collection.
  • Agisoft MetaShape Software: Serves as an official reseller and a premier certified training center for Agisoft MetaShape in Germany.


  • Geodata Consulting: Provides expert consultation on the optimal utilization of geospatial data.
  • GIS & CAD Processing: Delivers advanced mapping and survey data processing services.
  • UAS Flights: Conducts aerial data collection missions using advanced drone technology.
  • Online/Offline Visualization: Offers creative solutions for both online and offline data presentation and analysis.
  • High-Performance Computing Solutions: Facilitates data processing with powerful computing infrastructures.
  • Agisoft Training Programs: Conducts comprehensive training sessions on the effective application of photogrammetry software.
  • GIS and CAD Editing: Specializes in various services including land use mapping, classifications, and the creation of detailed map and aerial photo plans.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Heiko Störkel und Sascha Heising GbR. Alte Leipziger Straße 40A 63571 Gelnhausen
  • Phone: +49 (0)160 4818816, +49 (0)170 4957908
  • Email:

7. Georepublic

Georepublic distinguishes itself as a dynamic force in the digital realm, specializing in the development and implementation of cutting-edge geospatial technologies. With a foundation built upon the latest geospatial technology, user research, and agile methodologies, Georepublic endeavors to integrate digital services seamlessly into the business processes of its clients. This approach facilitates rapid software integration, significantly enhancing agronomic decision-making and optimizing operations across the agricultural spectrum. Their commitment to open-source software underscores a broader mission to devise technical solutions that address social challenges, powered by a team proficient in geospatial technology and innovative solution development.

Central to Georepublic’s ethos is the commitment to empowering social impact through technology. By prioritizing user-centered design, the company ensures that its solutions resonate well with clients’ users, enhancing user experience and satisfaction. Agile methodologies are employed to guarantee timely and budget-aligned delivery of solutions, further reinforcing the company’s dedication to creating open futures and fostering social impact and innovation. This approach has positioned Georepublic as a partner of choice for those seeking to leverage technology for positive change, evidencing their passion for utilizing technical expertise in service of a better world.

Georepublic has cultivated a rich portfolio of services and solutions, from GIS and CAD processing to sophisticated UAS flights and beyond, all tailored to enhance digital farming and precision agriculture. Their suite of services includes cloud-based agricultural data analytics, smart scouting and soil sampling via mobile apps, and the creation of customizable management zones and prescriptions. Furthermore, the company’s proficiency in satellite imagery analysis and soil sampling analytics underlines their capacity to deliver comprehensive field analysis, contributing to smarter, more sustainable farming practices. With a robust partnership ecosystem and a commitment to data security and independence, Georepublic stands as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and collaboration in the geospatial domain.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovative Geospatial Solutions: Georepublic is dedicated to advancing digital services through the latest geospatial technologies, agile methodologies, and comprehensive user research.
  • Rapid Software Integration: Promises a swift integration timeline, significantly enhancing clients’ decision-making processes and optimizing agricultural and urban planning operations.
  • Open-Source Commitment: Demonstrates a firm commitment to open-source software, aiming to provide technical solutions that address broader social issues.
  • User-Centric Design: Emphasizes the importance of user-centered design and agile methodologies to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of clients’ users.
  • Social Impact and Innovation: Focused on leveraging technology for positive social change, making significant contributions to sectors requiring digital transformation and sustainable solutions.
  • Expert Team: Boasts a team of experts with extensive experience in geospatial technology, committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions.
  • Strong Partnership Ecosystem: Maintains robust collaborations across various sectors, enhancing their ability to deliver comprehensive solutions.
  • Data Security and Independence: Ensures data security and maintains independence, providing a reliable platform for clients.


  • GIS & CAD Processing: Offers advanced processing capabilities for mapping and survey data, facilitating precise analysis and visualization.
  • UAS Flights: Utilizes state-of-the-art drones for high-resolution aerial data collection, supporting detailed agricultural and urban planning analyses.
  • Cloud-Based Agricultural Data Analytics: Processes diverse geospatial datasets to provide insights for precision farming technology and urban development.
  • Satellite Imagery and Soil Sampling Analytics: Analyzes satellite imagery and various data sources to build comprehensive field analyses, aiding in sustainable farming practices.
  • Smart Scouting and Soil Sampling: Provides mobile applications for efficient field scouting and soil sampling, ensuring vital data is readily accessible.
  • Customizable Management Zones and Prescription Creation: Enables tailored agronomic prescriptions and management zone creation based on specific field conditions.
  • Data Management and Visualization: Assists clients in managing, analyzing, and visualizing geospatial data, offering interactive maps and visualizations for effective data communication.
  • Industry-Specific Geospatial Services: Delivers tailored services for industries like smart mobility, renewable energy, and environmental monitoring, including route optimization and impact assessment.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: c/o SENQ Kasumigaseki Nittochi Building 2F, 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda Ward, 100-0013 Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:

8. GeoPard

GeoPard stands as a forefront innovator in the agricultural domain, offering an unparalleled cloud-based analytics platform tailored for the agri-sector’s unique demands. Their platform distinguishes itself by its swift and seamless integration capability, promising a mere week-long software integration timeline. This expeditious onboarding process is crucial for agronomic decision-making enhancement, streamlining agricultural operations from planning to execution with remarkable efficiency. GeoPard’s agility and comprehensive approach to integrating geospatial datasets into clients’ business processes underscore its pivotal role in advancing agricultural productivity and decision-making processes.

Central to GeoPard’s offerings is a robust, all-encompassing platform engineered for the digital agriculture era, encapsulating vital tools for digital farming, agronomy, and precision farming practices. The suite of cloud analytics tools provided by GeoPard facilitates a reduction in operational costs while maximizing the technological value brought to precision agriculture. Through leveraging automation, cloud computing efficiencies, and open data sources like satellite imagery, GeoPard ensures its solutions are not only accessible but competitively priced, thereby democratizing access to advanced agricultural analytics without compromising on quality or depth of insight.

Key Highlights:

  • Cloud-Based Analytical Expertise: An unbiased, comprehensive solution for processing diverse geospatial data, essential for agricultural planning and execution.
  • Integrated Precision Farming Platform: Offers a holistic suite for digital farming and agronomy, enhancing agronomic decisions and practices.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Promises rapid software integration within a week, accelerating the adoption and impact of their platform on agricultural operations.


  • Agricultural Data Analytics: Delivers advanced cloud analytics for various geospatial datasets, supporting precision farming initiatives.
  • Satellite Imagery and Advanced Soil Analytics: Utilizes satellite imagery alongside yield, soil, and topography data for detailed field analysis through multi-layer and 3D models.
  • Mobile Apps for Smart Scouting: Features mobile applications with offline capabilities for effective field scouting and soil sampling.
  • Custom Management Zones and Prescriptions: Enables the creation of detailed management zones and tailored agronomic prescriptions based on specific field data.
  • Cost-Effective Data Utilization: Leverages automation, cloud computing, and open data sources to provide efficient solutions for precision farming.
  • Proven Expertise and Evolution: Reflects a decade of AgTech innovation, shaped by scientific acumen and feedback from agricultural professionals.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Neusser Str. 472 50733 Köln, Germany
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:


Germany’s geospatial sector is a vibrant landscape of innovation, collaboration, and technological advancement, as demonstrated by the leading companies operating within this space. These firms, including the likes of, exemplify the cutting-edge work being done in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) and related technologies. Their contributions not only bolster Germany’s position as a key player in the global geospatial industry but also underscore the critical role that accurate, timely geospatial data plays across a myriad of sectors. From enhancing agricultural productivity and environmental conservation efforts to streamlining urban planning and infrastructure development, the impact of these companies is far-reaching and transformative.

As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, the importance of geospatial technology and the expertise provided by these top German companies cannot be overstated. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction ensures that the geospatial solutions of today not only meet current demands but are also poised to address the challenges of tomorrow. The future of geospatial technology is bright, with Germany firmly at its helm, driving forward with advancements that promise to shape the landscapes of industries, economies, and communities around the globe.

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