Leading Geospatial Companies in Japan


Japan stands at the forefront of geospatial technology, hosting a range of companies that excel in innovative mapping solutions and spatial data analytics. These companies not only contribute significantly to local infrastructure projects but also impact global markets with cutting-edge technologies. This article delves into the major players within Japan’s geospatial sector, highlighting their key products, services, and strategic importance in the evolving landscape of geospatial intelligence.

1. FlyPix AI

FlyPix AI is at the forefront of geospatial solutions, integrating advanced AI technology to transform object detection, localization, tracking, and monitoring. Their GEO AI platform is designed to convert complex imagery into actionable, geo-referenced insights, catering to various sectors including environmental monitoring and urban planning. The emphasis on AI-driven processes ensures precision and efficiency, facilitating enhanced data visualization and analysis for their clients.

Their technology suite includes AI-enabled object detection and localization, utilizing a vast library of AI models. FlyPix AI also offers detailed object analysis and dynamic tracking capabilities, which allow for monitoring changes over time and identifying anomalies in aerial imaging. This robust functionality supports custom use cases, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of their solutions across different industries.

FlyPix AI is dedicated to elevating operational efficiencies through their user-friendly interface, which simplifies the visualization and reporting of geospatial data. By enabling remote inspections and analyses, they help organizations achieve significant cost savings while maintaining a competitive edge with their cutting-edge deep learning technology. Their services are especially beneficial for sectors like government, construction, agriculture, and risk management, among others.

Key Highlights:

  • Integration of AI in geospatial technologies for enhanced object detection and monitoring.
  • Ability to handle complex imagery and convert it into actionable insights.
  • Versatility in serving various industries with tailored geospatial solutions.


  • AI-Enabled Object Detection and Localization: Custom model creation and utilization of a comprehensive AI model library.
  • Detailed Object Analysis: Insights into object properties like type, size, and area.
  • Change and Anomaly Detection: Monitoring of temporal changes and identification of anomalies.
  • Dynamic Tracking: Tracking changes in object properties or locations using advanced AI algorithms.
  • Custom Use Cases: Solutions tailored to meet specific industry needs.

Contact Information:


Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd. specializes in geospatial surveying, offering comprehensive technical services that encompass aerial data collection, analysis, and the development of bespoke information solutions. Their expertise in geospatial technology enables them to produce detailed and precise mappings and GIS systems that support disaster management and environmental planning. By leveraging high-precision technology and deep industry knowledge, Asia Air Survey is committed to enhancing the safety and prosperity of communities worldwide.

Their approach integrates aerial and space-borne remote sensing with advanced GIS data analysis to provide robust spatial solutions. This integration allows them to address complex challenges in environmental management, infrastructure development, and disaster risk mitigation. Their commitment to innovation is reflected in ongoing projects, including volcanic hazard mapping and the use of LiDAR technology for archaeological and environmental surveys.

Asia Air Survey prides itself on delivering high-value services tailored to the specific needs of their clients. Whether it’s through consulting services that aid local governments in improving their GIS infrastructure or through their active involvement in international preservation projects, their goal remains the same: to provide solutions that ensure long-term sustainability and safety.

Key Highlights:

  • Expertise in aerial and space-borne geospatial surveying technologies.
  • Significant contributions to disaster management and environmental planning.
  • Development of advanced GIS systems and hazard maps for risk mitigation.
  • Pioneering use of LiDAR in archaeological surveys and environmental monitoring.
  • Active involvement in international forest preservation and disaster prevention projects.


  • Geospatial Survey: Including airborne, space-borne, and UAV surveying.
  • Mapping/GIS: Creation of photogrammetric maps, administration-support GIS, and 3D visualization.
  • Consulting: Specialized in disaster management, environmental management, and infrastructure asset management.
  • Case Studies: Demonstrated success in various projects like the volcanic hazard mapping of Mt. Hakkodasan and landform visualization with Red Relief Image Maps.

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.ajiko.co.jp
  • Address: Shinyuri 21 Building, 1-2-2 Manpukuji, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 215-0004, Japan

3. Axelspace Corporation

Axelspace Corporation has positioned itself as a key player in the space venture arena, utilizing microsatellite technology to offer innovative solutions across various industries. With a strong focus on Earth observation, their AxelGlobe platform harnesses the power of small satellites to provide detailed, timely insights into global phenomena, catering to sectors such as agriculture, disaster preparedness, and environmental monitoring. This approach emphasizes the strategic use of space data to meet contemporary challenges.

The company’s commitment to sustainable space business practices is evident in their proactive steps to minimize environmental impacts associated with satellite mass production and space debris. Through their Green Spacecraft Standard, they demonstrate a dedication to environmental stewardship while pushing the boundaries of satellite technology. This initiative reflects their broader vision of integrating space technology into everyday business practices, ensuring a balance between innovation and environmental responsibility.

Axelspace’s history of success in satellite operations is rooted in their origins, starting with a handcrafted microsatellite by a team of Japanese university students. Since their official establishment in 2008, they have successfully launched and operated a significant number of satellites, showcasing their technical prowess and growing footprint in the space industry. Their ongoing projects and future missions continue to advance the capabilities of microsatellites, making space technology more accessible and impactful.

Key Highlights:

  • Specialization in Earth observation and microsatellite technology.
  • Sustainable practices in satellite production and operations.
  • Pioneering development and use of the AxelGlobe and AxelLiner platforms.


  • Satellite data utilization for various industries including agriculture, disaster preparedness, and environmental monitoring.
  • Earth observation services through the AxelGlobe platform.
  • Comprehensive satellite services from development to operation with the AxelLiner platform.

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.axelspace.com
  • Twitter: twitter.com/axelspace
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/theaxelspace
  • Linkedin: jp.linkedin.com/company/axelspace
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/Axelspace

4. Eukarya

Eukarya operates with the core philosophy of evolving and adapting along with the world while valuing the individuality of each team member. They utilize a unique approach of unearthing and visualizing data, memories, and records previously thought undocumentable with conventional systems. Their innovative methods uncover new values and connections, fostering the creation of a culturally enriched future.

Their main offering, the “soft archive,” allows for the preservation of not just data but the texture of memories themselves, aiding in intellectual activities, memory transmission, and cultural creation. Eukarya’s commitment to adapting these archives to user needs showcases their dedication to user-centric innovation and the sustainable preservation of information.

Through their operations, Eukarya not only supports cultural and memory preservation but also provides tools for better understanding complex datasets in various domains. Their work assists in the creation of new cultural narratives and enhances societal understanding of historical and contemporary data through advanced data visualization techniques.

Key Highlights:

  • Specialization in data visualization and the preservation of memories.
  • Development of “soft archives” adaptable to user needs.
  • Contribution to cultural enrichment and historical preservation through innovative archival methods.


  • Development of customizable soft archives for various user needs.
  • Advanced data visualization services.
  • Cultural and historical data preservation and analysis.

Contact Information:

  • Website: eukarya.io
  • Email: info@eukarya.io
  • Twitter: twitter.com/eukaryaofficial
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/EukaryaInc

5. Georepublic

Georepublic is dedicated to advancing digital services using the latest geospatial technology, combined with user research and agile methodologies. This company focuses on harnessing open-source software to develop technical solutions aimed at addressing social challenges. Their expertise lies in geographical information systems (GIS), logistics, and business intelligence, which enables them to deliver innovative services that have a tangible social impact.

The core mission of Georepublic is to facilitate digital transformation by making geospatial data smarter and more accessible. They strive to contribute to the development of a next-generation internet that ensures privacy and inclusivity. Their approach involves a user-centered design philosophy, ensuring that the solutions they implement meet the precise needs of their clients and enhance user engagement through improved interaction with geospatial data.

Georepublic not only specializes in GIS and smart mobility solutions but also places a strong emphasis on digital transformation and location intelligence. Their team applies extensive knowledge of open-source technologies to create cost-effective, innovative solutions that empower organizations to manage and analyze geospatial data effectively. This includes everything from data visualization to fleet management and route optimization, helping clients across various sectors maximize the utility of their spatial data.

Key Highlights:

  • Specialization in GIS and the development of digital services using open-source technology.
  • Focus on social impact through technical solutions that address real-world problems.
  • Commitment to digital transformation and the advancement of next-generation internet technologies.


  • GIS solutions and geospatial technologies.
  • Smart mobility solutions built on open-source technology.
  • Digital transformation services enhancing location intelligence and user engagement.

Contact Information:

  • Website: georepublic.info
  • Twitter: twitter.com/georepublic
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/georepublic
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/georepublic-japan


MIERUNE stands as a pioneering company within the geospatial sector in Japan, leveraging location data and open-source technology to provide innovative solutions across various industries. They focus on transforming how businesses utilize geospatial data, facilitating the integration of location intelligence into daily operations to improve decision-making processes. With a strong emphasis on open data and proprietary solutions, MIERUNE supports a range of applications from urban planning to environmental monitoring.

The company has developed a robust portfolio of geospatial products and services, including the MIERUNE BASE, which offers a packaged version of QGIS for secure environments. This initiative showcases their commitment to making advanced GIS tools more accessible. Additionally, their innovative search engine, MIERUNE Search, demonstrates their capability to handle complex geospatial queries, enhancing the usability of geospatial data for practical business applications.

MIERUNE is dedicated to the development and promotion of open-source GIS solutions. Their active involvement in the QGIS community and contributions to the MapLibre project underline their commitment to fostering a collaborative development environment. This approach not only enhances their service offerings but also ensures they remain at the cutting edge of geospatial technology advancements.

Key Highlights:

  • Development of the MIERUNE BASE, a secure packaged version of QGIS.
  • Introduction of MIERUNE Search, an advanced search engine for geospatial data.
  • Strong advocacy for open-source GIS tools, contributing significantly to community-led projects like QGIS and MapLibre.


  • MIERUNE BASE: Packaged QGIS solutions for secure environments.
  • MIERUNE Search: Geospatial data search engine.
  • Customized WebGIS contents and systems tailored to specific user needs.

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.mierune.co.jp
  • Twitter: twitter.com/MIERUNE_inc
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/MIERUNEINC
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/mierune


PASCO CORPORATION is deeply engaged in the field of geospatial information, which is considered a critical element of modern infrastructure. This company is committed to the continuous development and application of advanced technologies for acquiring and processing geospatial data. This commitment supports the creation and implementation of solutions that are integral to building a secure and sustainable future. Utilizing a combination of satellite and aerial imagery, PASCO enhances its capacity to collect detailed and comprehensive geographic data across diverse environments.

In its operations, PASCO focuses on three core areas: collecting, processing, and providing geospatial information. This structured approach ensures that the data they acquire is refined and made accessible to support various applications, from urban planning and infrastructure development to environmental management. The company’s expertise extends beyond mere data collection to include sophisticated analysis and the transformation of raw data into actionable insights, which are crucial for both governmental bodies and private enterprises.

PASCO is also actively involved in international collaborations and research aimed at enhancing the application of geospatial technologies. Their efforts in disaster management exemplify their role in societal advancement, where they swiftly gather and distribute critical data following natural disasters. This rapid response capability is vital for effective emergency management and supports timely decisions that can mitigate the impact of such events on affected communities.

Key Highlights:

  • Expertise in the acquisition and processing of geospatial data.
  • Development of solutions that support secure and sustainable living.
  • Active involvement in international partnerships to enhance geospatial applications.


  • Geospatial data collection using advanced aerial and satellite technology.
  • Processing and analysis of geospatial information to derive actionable insights.
  • Provision of critical data for disaster management and emergency response.

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.pasco.co.jp
  • Address: PASCO Meguro Sakura Bldg, 1-7-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064, Japan
  • Phone: +81-3-5435-3571

8. Solafune

Solafune, Inc. is a pioneering company based in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in the development and application of satellite and geospatial data analysis technologies. The company addresses a broad spectrum of sectors including agriculture, disaster management, natural resources, finance, defense, marketing, and insurance. By leveraging cutting-edge satellite data technologies, Solafune aims to provide solutions that tackle significant social and business challenges, enhancing efficiency and providing critical insights across various industries.

The company distinguishes itself through a diverse range of services that utilize satellite and geospatial data to confront real-world issues effectively. From environmental monitoring that detects garbage accumulation to advanced applications in defense for aircraft detection, Solafune employs geospatial data to deliver nuanced analyses and solutions. Their commitment extends into traffic management, urban planning, and disaster response, showcasing their versatility and the expansive potential of geospatial technologies.

Moreover, Solafune is actively involved in the community and academic fields by organizing global data science competitions, which encourage the innovative use of satellite and geospatial data among scientists and researchers worldwide. These competitions foster a collaborative environment that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with geospatial data, driving forward both the technology and its applications.

Key Highlights:

  • Broad application of geospatial data analysis across various sectors.
  • Organization of global data science competitions to promote innovation.
  • Significant contributions to environmental and disaster management solutions.


  • Data Science Competition: Promoting the use of satellite data through global competitions.
  • Satellite and Geospatial Data Analysis for various applications including:
    • Mining and mineral exploration.
    • Environmental monitoring.
    • Disaster management and monitoring.
    • Traffic management.
    • Urban planning.
    • Defense applications.
    • Innovative technologies in super resolution and generative AI.

Contact Information:

  • Website: company.solafune.com
  • Address: Room10 1-chōme-16-3 Yokokawa, Sumida City, Tokyo , 130-0003
  • Phone: +81 050 3161 9015
  • Email: info@solafune.com
  • Twitter: x.com/solafune_inc
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/solafune
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/p/Solafune-Inc-100075545303213

9. Synspective

Synspective Inc. is recognized for its innovative approach in the field of satellite remote sensing, particularly through the use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology. The company focuses on the development and operation of its own SAR satellites to provide detailed Earth observation data. Synspective’s services are vital for various applications including urban planning, disaster response, and environmental monitoring. Their technology enables high-resolution imaging capable of penetrating cloud cover and operating effectively regardless of day or night conditions, which is essential for timely and accurate data collection.

The company’s operations are distinguished by the creation of a comprehensive SAR data ecosystem. This ecosystem not only supports governmental and corporate decision-making processes but also caters to data analysis firms that develop their own specialized applications. Synspective’s strategic use of satellite data enhances the management of natural resources and risk, offering a dynamic approach to addressing global and localized challenges. Furthermore, their continuous innovation in satellite technology facilitates near real-time observation capabilities, thereby expanding the potential applications of SAR data in various sectors.

Synspective’s commitment extends beyond satellite operation to include solution services that utilize advanced data science and machine learning. These services transform raw data into actionable insights, which are crucial for effective decision-making and strategic planning in complex scenarios such as disaster management and urban development. The company’s approach integrates technological advancements with practical applications, aiming to foster a safer and more sustainable future through enhanced geospatial analysis.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovative use of SAR technology for detailed Earth observation.
  • Development and operation of a fleet of small SAR satellites.
  • Provision of sophisticated data analysis services using proprietary techniques.


  • Land Displacement Monitoring (LDM): Monitoring ground movement and potential risks.
  • Flood Damage Assessment (FDA): Evaluating the impact of flood events.
  • Disaster Damage Assessment (DDA): Assessing the damage caused by various natural disasters.
  • Offshore Wind and Wave Analysis (OWW): Analyzing maritime conditions for energy and environmental studies.
  • Forest Inventory Management (FIM): Monitoring forest areas for conservation and management.

Contact Information:

  • Website: synspective.com
  • Address: Tokyo, Japan
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/synspective
  • Twitter: twitter.com/synspective

10. Zenrin Co.

Zenrin Co., Ltd. is a well-established entity in the geospatial sector, primarily known for its detailed mapping and geographic data services. The company specializes in the creation and distribution of a wide array of map-related products including digital maps, printed maps, and navigation systems. These products are integral to various applications across automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation apps, and web mapping services. Zenrin’s commitment to accuracy and detail in map data supports essential infrastructure for both everyday use and emergency services.

Operating within a highly technical field, Zenrin utilizes advanced geographic information system (GIS) technologies to gather, analyze, and deploy spatial and geographical data. The company’s expertise extends to urban planning and disaster management, where accurate geospatial data is critical. By continuously updating their data to reflect real-world changes, they provide valuable insights for urban development, efficient logistics planning, and environmental monitoring, reinforcing the essential nature of geospatial data in contemporary decision-making processes.

Zenrin’s influence in the geospatial domain is also evident in its commitment to community and social responsibility. The company engages in various initiatives that underline the importance of sustainable practices and community involvement, which is reflected in their corporate philosophy. This approach not only enhances their business operations but also contributes positively to the communities they operate in, ensuring that their technological advancements aid in broader societal development.

Key Highlights:

  • Leader in detailed mapping and geographic data services.
  • Extensive use of GIS technology for data collection and analysis.
  • Strong focus on community involvement and sustainable practices.


  • Production of digital and printed maps for various uses.
  • Data services for automotive and mobile navigation systems.
  • Geospatial data analysis for urban planning and disaster management.

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.zenrin.co.jp
  • Address: 3-1 Nakabarushinmachi, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka 804-0003, JAPAN
  • Phone: +81-(0)93-882-9050


Japan’s geospatial industry is characterized by a robust ecosystem of companies that leverage cutting-edge technologies to offer a wide range of geospatial solutions. These companies excel in areas such as satellite imagery, geographic information systems (GIS), and advanced mapping services. Their contributions are crucial not only for navigation and transportation but also for urban planning, disaster management, and environmental monitoring. With a focus on innovation and high-quality data, these firms play a vital role in enhancing infrastructure, supporting governmental functions, and improving decision-making processes across various sectors.

The landscape of geospatial enterprises in Japan is further distinguished by their commitment to social responsibility and sustainable practices. Many of these firms integrate their technological expertise with initiatives aimed at community development and ecological sustainability. This dual focus not only advances their commercial goals but also aligns them with broader global efforts to address environmental challenges and promote societal well-being. As they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with geospatial data, these companies are pivotal in shaping a future where technology and data-driven insights lead to more informed and effective solutions for both local and global challenges.

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