Leading Geospatial Companies in Los Angeles


Los Angeles stands as a beacon of innovation in the geospatial sector, home to companies that are redefining the boundaries of mapping and spatial data utilization. These leading firms specialize in a variety of applications, from urban planning to environmental monitoring, enhancing how industries and government agencies utilize geographic information. This article delves into the top geospatial companies located in Los Angeles, emphasizing their roles in advancing technology and contributing to the city’s dynamic growth.

1. FlyPix AI

At FlyPix AI, we are at the forefront of geospatial technology, harnessing the power of AI to transform complex aerial imagery into actionable, geo-referenced insights. Our platform is designed to enhance operations across multiple sectors, including government, construction, and agriculture, by providing precise object detection, tracking, and monitoring solutions. Our approach leverages deep learning algorithms to deliver detailed analysis and dynamic tracking capabilities, ensuring our clients can make informed decisions based on the most accurate geospatial data available.

Our technology empowers users with tools for detailed object analysis, enabling them to identify and understand the properties of various objects and areas from overhead imagery. This capability is crucial for applications such as environmental monitoring, urban planning, and infrastructure management. Additionally, our AI models support custom use cases, allowing clients to tailor solutions to their specific industry needs, enhancing flexibility and applicability.

The usability of our platform is a key aspect of our offering. We provide a user-friendly interface that simplifies the visualization and reporting of geospatial data, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from technical experts to decision-makers. This ease of use, combined with our efficient data processing, translates into significant cost savings and a competitive advantage for our clients.

FlyPix AI also places a strong emphasis on security and integration capabilities. Our platform ensures that data integrity and security are maintained at all times, providing peace of mind for our users. Furthermore, the system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing GIS platforms, enhancing its utility without disrupting current workflows.

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced AI-driven geospatial analysis
  • Customizable solutions for diverse industry needs
  • User-friendly interface for easy data visualization
  • Strong emphasis on data security and system integration


  • AI-Enabled Object Detection and Localization
  • Detailed Object Analysis
  • Change and Anomaly Detection
  • Dynamic Tracking
  • Custom Use Cases for specific industries

Contact Information:

2. dataplor

dataplor operates in the realm of geospatial and location intelligence, providing extensive and dynamically updated point of interest (POI) data across the globe. Their technology stack integrates machine learning, advanced image recognition, and artificial intelligence, complemented by a network of global human validators. This integration ensures their location data is both comprehensive and current, catering to a variety of industries that rely on geographically tagged information for strategic planning and operational efficiency.

The company’s services transcend traditional geospatial analytics by incorporating qualitative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that offer deep insights into consumer behaviors and brand trends globally. This allows their clients to make informed decisions by analyzing patterns and anomalies in location data, which is crucial for sectors like retail, real estate, and urban planning.

dataplor’s commitment to maintaining the accuracy and relevance of their data is evident in their rigorous validation process. This process is essential for businesses that depend on reliable data to drive decisions in fast-changing markets. By providing data that is not only vast but also meticulously curated, dataplor enables its clients to navigate complex markets with confidence and precision.

Furthermore, the company’s global scope is supported by partnerships and collaborations that enhance their data offerings. These alliances are strategic in ensuring that dataplor’s data solutions are not only scalable but also adaptable to the diverse needs of their international clientele. This global reach is particularly beneficial for companies looking to expand into new markets or enhance their footprint in existing ones.

Key Highlights:

  • Integration of AI and machine learning for data accuracy
  • Global human validators ensure up-to-date and comprehensive data
  • Qualitative KPIs included in analytics for deeper insights
  • Rigorous data validation process for reliability


  • Comprehensive location intelligence
  • POI and territory data analytics
  • Consumer behavior and brand trend analysis
  • Custom data solutions for specific market needs

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.dataplor.com
  • Address: 2711 N Sepulveda Blvd #297, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA
  • Contact Email: contact@dataplor.com
  • Phone Number: (424) 433-3269
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/dataplor
  • Twitter: twitter.com/dataplor

3. Valarm

Valarm provides remote monitoring solutions utilizing Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies. They focus on a variety of applications including water and flood monitoring, air quality assessment, and the management of industrial equipment and environmental sensors. Their systems leverage powerful connectivity options such as WiFi, Ethernet, and mobile cellular networks, which enable monitoring across diverse and remote environments.

Their platform, Tools.Valarm.net, is versatile and integrates various sensors to monitor parameters like water levels, air quality, and industrial conditions. This cloud-based system offers real-time data access and management through user-friendly web dashboards, facilitating effective decision-making for industries and government agencies. The flexibility of their platform supports a broad range of sensors and devices, ensuring adaptability to different operational needs.

Valarm’s commitment to innovation is evident in their approach to integrating traditional monitoring with advanced IoT technologies. They provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients, ranging from water resource management to smart city infrastructure. The company assists in the deployment of tailored monitoring systems, offering training and support to maximize the effectiveness of these solutions.

Moreover, Valarm emphasizes the importance of reliable and accessible data. They ensure that their systems are not only capable of handling real-time monitoring tasks but are also easy to configure and manage, enhancing operational efficiencies and responsiveness to environmental and industrial challenges.

Key Highlights:

  • Remote monitoring solutions with Industrial IoT
  • Real-time data management through cloud-based platforms
  • Versatile sensor integration for diverse monitoring needs
  • Comprehensive support and training for system deployment


  • Water and flood monitoring systems
  • Air quality and environmental sensor monitoring
  • Industrial equipment and asset management
  • Customizable IoT solutions for smart cities and resources management

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.valarm.net
  • Address: Los Angeles, CA
  • Contact Email: Info@Valarm.net

4. NorthSouth GIS LLC (NSGIS)

NorthSouth GIS LLC (NSGIS), based in Los Angeles, specializes in the implementation and integration of geospatial systems across a range of sectors, including ports, local government, water and wastewater utilities, and commercial real estate. Their expertise extends to crafting tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with enterprise IT systems, emphasizing sustainable and broad usage to ensure long-term viability and effectiveness.

The company is known for its problem-solving capabilities, particularly in asset management, real estate, security, and engineering. By integrating geospatial systems with other corporate technologies, NSGIS enhances the operational capacities of its clients, enabling them to optimize resource management, reduce costs, and improve service delivery. This integration is pivotal for clients who require precise and scalable solutions in asset-intensive environments.

NSGIS stands out for its commitment to building long-term client relationships. This commitment is reflected in their project approach—prioritizing careful planning and execution to avoid shortcuts that could compromise project outcomes. Their services include strategic planning, systems engineering, database design, and ongoing support and maintenance, all tailored to enhance the specific geospatial needs of each client.

Additionally, NSGIS is an Esri Gold Partner and leverages this relationship to implement cutting-edge geospatial technologies. Their solutions are particularly influential in the management of U.S. ports, where they deploy GIS for property and lease management, security, and operational maintenance. NSGIS also offers specialized GIS services for water and wastewater management, primarily along the West Coast, from California to Alaska.

Key Highlights:

  • Specialized in geospatial systems integration across various sectors
  • Problem-solving capabilities in asset management and engineering
  • Long-term partnerships aimed at sustainable client success
  • Esri Gold Partner implementing advanced GIS technologies


  • Geospatial systems implementation and integration
  • Strategic planning and systems engineering
  • Custom database design and system maintenance
  • Training and support for geospatial technologies

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.nsgis.com
  • Contact Email: info@nsgis.com
  • Phone: +1 (800) 866-5013 
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/nsgis
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/northsouth-gis-llc

5. Spatial Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California

The Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI) is dedicated to transforming geospatial data into actionable solutions to foster a healthier, more prosperous, and safer world. The Institute is part of the University of Southern California and leverages geospatial sciences and technologies to support collaborative efforts aimed at addressing complex global challenges. By integrating spatiotemporal insights across various disciplines and industries, SSI plays a pivotal role in enhancing decision-making and quality of life.

SSI’s commitment to innovation is evident through its comprehensive academic programs which include undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, all designed to equip the next generation of geospatial problem solvers. These programs emphasize the practical application of geographic information science, combined with today’s computational capabilities, to create sustainable solutions and promote human well-being in communities, particularly marginalized ones.

Key to the Institute’s mission is its collaborative research endeavors. Working closely with faculty from various departments within USC and partnering with prestigious global institutions, SSI focuses on funded research that develops strategic solutions for sustainable living. This collaborative framework ensures that the research conducted is not only academically rigorous but also directly applicable to real-world problems, making significant impacts on urban planning, public health, and environmental sustainability.

Key Highlights:

  • Integration of geographic information science in solving real-world problems
  • Strong emphasis on collaboration with global institutions for research
  • Comprehensive academic programs focusing on practical application
  • Dedicated efforts in creating sustainable solutions and promoting community well-being


  • Educational programs in geographic information science across undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels
  • Research partnerships with global institutions
  • Development of strategies for sustainable living and environmental resilience
  • Provision of geospatial data insights for public and private sector decision-making

Contact Information:

  • Website: dornsife.usc.edu
  • Address: 3616 Trousdale Parkway, AHF 108, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0376
  • Contact Email: business@dornsife.usc.edu
  • Phone: (213) 740-4940
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/uscdornsife
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/uscdornsife
  • Twitter: twitter.com/USCDornsife
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/northsouth-gis-llc


LYKIN focuses on enhancing the way digital content is experienced by integrating augmented reality (AR) with geospatial technology to create immersive environments that bridge virtual and physical spaces. This integration allows for the augmentation of any physical location with digital content, making information not only more accessible but also interactive. LYKIN’s platform is designed to reduce the time users spend searching for relevant content online by offering a more intuitive and engaging way to discover and interact with digital and physical worlds.

The company utilizes its AR technology to transform standard digital content into dynamic experiences. These experiences are not restricted to a single platform but can be transported and shared across various applications and environments, promoting a seamless transition between different digital spaces. LYKIN’s approach focuses on the user’s freedom to interact with content across diverse environments without the limitations imposed by traditional digital platforms.

Key to LYKIN’s service offering is the concept of “Social Commerce,” where physical and virtual goods are not only displayed but also sold within the augmented reality environment. This service allows for real-time interaction and transaction at any specified location, enhancing the connection between sellers and buyers by making commerce an integral part of the digital experience. The platform’s capability to push relevant content to users based on their location and preferences marks a significant shift from traditional search-driven content discovery to a more proactive, personalized delivery of information.

Key Highlights:

  • Integration of AR with geospatial technology to enhance the digital content experience
  • Capability to transport and share digital content across various platforms seamlessly
  • Focus on user freedom to interact with content without traditional digital constraints
  • Transformation of content discovery from a search-driven to a proactive, personalized approach


  • Development of augmented reality environments that integrate with physical locations
  • Social Commerce capabilities that enable transactions within the AR environment
  • Personalized content delivery based on user location and preferences
  • Provision of native tools to enhance user engagement and relevance in digital spaces

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.lykin.com
  • Address: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Contact Email: info@lykin.com
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/getlykin
  • Twitter: twitter.com/getlykin

7. Houseal Lavigne

Houseal Lavigne stands as a prominent urban planning and geospatial design firm, integrating cutting-edge GIS and geospatial technologies to support complex planning and decision-making processes. As an Esri Gold Partner, the firm is equipped with advanced Esri technologies and software, positioning it at the forefront of geospatial solutions. Their expertise is particularly recognized in the implementation of the ArcGIS Platform, which has garnered them special certifications such as the ArcGIS Online Specialty and the Release Ready Certifications.

The firm’s commitment to innovation is evident in their continuous investment in the latest geospatial solutions, ensuring they provide up-to-date and effective tools to their clients. This dedication not only keeps them at the leading edge of technology but also empowers their clients with the ability to make informed decisions based on precise geospatial data and analyses. Houseal Lavigne’s role in developing GIS-enabled smart cities and digital twins showcases their capability to integrate digital and physical planning environments, enhancing urban and regional planning.

Their technical proficiency is further demonstrated in their application of geospatial technologies across various planning disciplines. By employing tools like ArcGIS Urban and CityEngine, they provide comprehensive solutions that address modern urban challenges. This expertise in utilizing geospatial tools has enabled Houseal Lavigne to deliver valuable insights and solutions to a wide range of clients, cementing their position as a trusted provider in the industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Nationally recognized leadership in GIS and geospatial technology
  • Extensive use of Esri technologies, holding special certifications
  • Strong focus on innovation and the latest geospatial solutions
  • Significant contribution to the development of GIS-enabled smart cities and digital twins


  • Comprehensive geospatial and GIS services utilizing advanced Esri software
  • Development of digital twins and immersive 3D environments for urban planning
  • Customizable solutions for community planning and urban design
  • Zoning and development regulation services to guide effective land use

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.hlplanning.com
  • Address: 360 E 2nd Street Suite #800, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Phone: (213) 259-1008

8. Foursquare

Foursquare, marking 15 years of innovation, has established itself as a leading cloud-based location technology platform. With a focus on harnessing the power of location data, Foursquare has developed a robust suite of tools designed to understand the dynamics of people and places. Their technology aids businesses in creating more engaging and effective customer experiences by leveraging precise location intelligence.

The company’s platform offers diverse functionalities including business listings, consumer discovery, and location-based analytics. Foursquare’s ability to compile comprehensive datasets on places allows them to offer insights that are crucial for businesses looking to optimize their physical and digital strategies. This is evident in their CityGuide, which helps businesses list themselves and customers discover new venues and services effectively.

Foursquare’s technology goes beyond simple location tracking by constructing meaningful bridges between digital spaces and physical places. Their mission emphasizes the creation of smarter business outcomes through the integration of digital and physical consumer interactions. This approach has positioned them as a crucial partner for companies aiming to enhance their location-based marketing strategies.

The development of the Foursquare Graph showcases their innovative edge in the field of location intelligence. This tool transforms how businesses extract value from movement data, offering new ways to understand consumer behavior patterns and optimize interactions. Their partnerships with various companies, including The Points Guy, demonstrate the practical application of their technology in enhancing travel experiences through location-based services.

Key Highlights:

  • Leader in cloud-based location technology with a 15-year track record.
  • Comprehensive tools for business listings, consumer discovery, and location analytics.
  • Innovative solutions like the Foursquare Graph for advanced location intelligence.
  • Strategic partnerships that enhance consumer experiences across various industries.


  • Business listing on Foursquare CityGuide.
  • Consumer discovery tools for finding businesses and services.
  • Location-based analytics to drive marketing and operational decisions.
  • Customized location solutions for businesses to enhance user engagement.

Contact Information:

  • Website: foursquare.com
  • Address: 1999 Avenue of the Stars 4th floor, LA, USA
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/foursquare
  • Twitter: twitter.com/foursquare

9. InMarket

InMarket is a leading technology company specializing in real-time advertising and location-based marketing solutions. With a strong emphasis on leveraging precise, SDK-derived location data, InMarket has been at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape since its inception in 2010. Their proprietary technology integrates seamlessly into hundreds of popular mobile apps, enabling them to gather billions of high-quality location data points across a vast user base in the United States. This extensive reach and granular data quality allow InMarket to deliver unparalleled precision and ROI on marketing campaigns for their clients.

The company has consistently been recognized for its innovative solutions that bridge the gap between digital advertising and physical customer engagement. Their tools are designed to transform the way businesses connect with consumers, offering hyper-relevant messages at crucial moments along the consumer journey. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns but also provides businesses with transformative insights into consumer behavior, enabling them to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

One of InMarket’s flagship offerings is the GeoLink platform, which was acquired and further developed from Thinknear’s assets in 2019. GeoLink capitalizes on the company’s robust location data capabilities to offer sophisticated tools for building precise audience segments and executing localized marketing campaigns that drive significant foot traffic and sales results. The platform utilizes a mix of proximity, contextual, and behavioral data to craft highly targeted marketing messages that resonate with consumers based on their real-time location and movement patterns.

GeoLink distinguishes itself with features like exclusive premium inventory access and integrated offline measurement. This allows advertisers to track the impact of their campaigns in real-time, measuring key performance indicators such as foot traffic, purchase behavior, and overall campaign ROI. Additionally, the platform supports marketers with dedicated in-house training and strategic planning, ensuring that each campaign leverages GeoLink’s advanced targeting capabilities to its fullest potential.

Key Highlights:

  • InMarket’s integration of cutting-edge technology and high-quality location data.
  • Recognition as a leader in real-time advertising and location-based marketing.
  • Consistent innovation in creating marketing tools that merge digital and physical consumer interactions.


  • Real-time, precision-targeted advertising campaigns based on detailed location data.
  • Access to premium advertising spaces verified by Comscore.
  • Integrated measurement tools to assess the impact of campaigns on offline consumer behavior.
  • Full support for campaign management, including strategic planning and training.

Contact Information:

  • Website: inmarket.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/InMarket-371656759517026
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/inmarket_1
  • Twitter: twitter.com/inMarket_Media
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/inmarket_media

10. Carmatec

Carmatec brings a sophisticated approach to geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, revolutionizing how businesses visualize, analyze, and utilize location-based data. Their GIS mapping solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, retail, and healthcare, among others. By integrating GIS technology, Carmatec helps businesses unlock the full potential of spatial intelligence, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

The company offers a suite of geospatial services that support business solutions through advanced data transformation, integration, and the development of spatial data infrastructure (SDI). These services are built on OpenGIS standards, ensuring compatibility and interoperability between different geospatial datasets and formats. Carmatec’s expertise extends to customizing and deploying open-source GIS software, adapting tools like QGIS, GeoServer, and MapServer to meet specific client needs.

In addition to foundational GIS services, Carmatec excels in delivering specialized services such as Web Mapping Services (WMS), Web Coverage Services (WCS), and Geospatial Metadata Services (CSW). These offerings enable clients to access, share, and manage geospatial data effectively. The firm’s capabilities in web feature services (WFS) and web processing services (WPS) further underscore their comprehensive approach to geospatial technology, providing clients with robust tools for data sharing, extraction, and geospatial processing.

Carmatec also focuses on the practical application of GIS in marketing and business analysis. Their services in geospatial analysis, demographic analysis, market analysis, and competitor analysis leverage geographic information to deliver insights that drive competitive advantage. The firm’s ability to integrate real-time location data into mobile and web applications enhances the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, reflecting their commitment to innovation in geospatial technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Diverse industry applications from healthcare to retail, emphasizing the versatility of GIS solutions.
  • Advanced geospatial services including SDI development and GIS software customization.
  • Strong focus on integrating OpenGIS standards to ensure service quality and interoperability.


  • Development and customization of GIS and SDI solutions based on client-specific requirements.
  • Provision of WMS, WCS, WFS, and WPS to enhance the accessibility and usability of geospatial data.
  • Specialized marketing and business analysis services using geospatial data to inform strategic decisions.
  • Mobile GIS solutions and real-time location data integration for dynamic advertising and marketing.

Contact Information:

  • Website: www.carmatec.com
  • Address: 515 S, Flower Street, 36th Floor, Los Angeles, California, 90071, USA
  • Email: sales@carmatec.com
  • Phone: +91 70120 98783
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/carmatec
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/carmatec
  • Twitter: twitter.com/carmatec
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/carmatec_inc


The top geospatial companies in Los Angeles exemplify a fusion of innovative technology and strategic geographic insights, proving indispensable across a myriad of industries from urban planning to environmental management. These companies leverage cutting-edge geographic information systems (GIS) to provide dynamic solutions that drive decision-making processes and operational efficiencies. Their ability to manipulate and analyze spatial and geographic data has positioned them as critical partners for businesses aiming to optimize everything from logistics and supply chain operations to targeted marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, the evolution of geospatial technology within these companies continues to contribute significantly to the economic and technological growth of Los Angeles. By pushing the boundaries of how location data can be used, from enhancing real-time decision-making to integrating with artificial intelligence for predictive analytics, these firms are not just participants but leading drivers of the city’s digital transformation landscape. Their ongoing innovations and applications in geospatial technology demonstrate a robust commitment to addressing complex challenges through the power of precise, location-based data.

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