Top Geospatial Companies in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia, in its quest to diversify its economy and embrace technological advancements, has recognized the critical role geospatial technologies play in achieving these goals. As part of its Vision 2030, the Kingdom is fostering the growth of geospatial companies that offer sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions, remote sensing, and spatial analytics. These companies are integral to national development, aiding in urban planning, environmental management, and the optimization of logistics and infrastructure projects. This article highlights the top geospatial companies in Saudi Arabia, showcasing their innovative approaches, services, and contributions to the country’s strategic objectives. From startups to well-established entities, these firms are at the forefront of mapping the future of Saudi Arabia, leveraging technology to address both current and future challenges.

1. FlyPix AI

FlyPix AI stands out in the field of geospatial analysis by harnessing artificial intelligence to process and interpret geospatial data. Our platform is designed to support a myriad of applications, from agricultural management to urban planning and environmental monitoring. We utilize advanced technologies for object detection, change monitoring, and anomaly identification within satellite and aerial imagery.

The core of our operation enables the transformation of complex geospatial datasets into actionable insights, aiding in informed decision-making processes across various sectors. We offer a user-friendly, no-code platform that democratizes access to advanced geospatial analytics, allowing individuals at different technical skill levels to utilize and benefit from our technology.

FlyPix AI is our sophisticated geospatial analysis platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to transform geospatial data into actionable insights. Specializing in object detection, change tracking, and anomaly identification in satellite and aerial imagery, we simplify the complexities of geospatial data analysis, making it accessible to a broad audience. Our support for various data sources and scalability enables a wide range of applications, from improving agricultural yields to enhancing urban planning and environmental conservation. Through our focus on a user-friendly design and seamless integration, we are committed to advancing geospatial analytics and providing valuable insights across industries.

At FlyPix, we’re all about elevating operational efficiencies and providing our clients with competitive advantages through our pioneering GEO AI platform, coupled with our devotion to crafting individualized solutions and offering enhanced services.

Key Highlights:

  • Increased Efficiency: We enhance the process of geospatial data analysis, enabling the swift extraction of valuable insights, which, in turn, accelerates decision-making.
  • User-Friendly No-Code Platform: Our platform is accessible without the need for coding knowledge, making advanced geospatial analysis available to a wider audience.
  • Multi-Data Source Compatibility: We support a comprehensive range of geospatial data sources, including drone and satellite imagery, hyperspectral imaging, lidar, and SAR scans.
  • Seamless Scalability: Capable of handling projects of various scales, we ensure consistent performance and accuracy throughout the analysis process.


  • Personalized AI Model Construction: Our users can build customized AI models through a simple process that starts with uploading satellite or drone imagery, followed by object labeling, and culminating in the generation and application of a robust AI model.
  • Comprehensive Object Detection: We are capable of detecting objects within dense arrays and across vast landscapes, showcasing our versatility in object identification.
  • Dynamic Data Visualization: We provide extensive visualization tools, including customizable dashboards and interactive maps, for effective presentation and interpretation of analysis results.
  • Versatile Application Across Industries: We serve a diverse range of industries by offering solutions tailored to specific challenges and requirements, including agricultural management, urban and regional planning, environmental monitoring, construction and infrastructure development, and disaster response and management.
  • Seamless Integration: Emphasizing the importance of integrating smoothly with users’ existing data and tools, we aim to enhance workflow efficiency and data effectiveness.

Contact Information:

2. Bentley Systems

Founded in 1984, Bentley Systems has established itself as a pivotal player in the infrastructure engineering software landscape. With a commitment that transcends the mere provision of comprehensive and integrated software solutions, Bentley Systems stands out for its exceptional service, training, and round-the-clock technical support. Over 39 years, the company has dedicated itself to serving professionals involved in designing, constructing, and operating sustainable infrastructure, which is crucial for enhancing the quality of life globally.

Bentley Systems views itself as more than just a software company; it considers itself a partner in advancing the world’s infrastructure. Through the development and support of its software solutions, Bentley aims to contribute to a better economy, environment, and overall quality of life. The company prides itself on being a collective of motivated, innovative, passionate, connected, and responsible individuals who are committed to the success of their users and the impactful utilization of their software in various infrastructure projects.

Beyond its software offerings, Bentley Systems is deeply invested in environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The company’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles is a testament to its dedication to supporting the essential work of its users in creating sustainable infrastructure. Bentley’s efforts are focused on addressing climate change, sustaining economies, and improving the quality of life through the advancement of infrastructure, underscoring its role as a responsible and engaged member of the global community.

Key Highlights:

  • Bentley Systems operates globally, with over 5,200 colleagues spread across 40 countries.
  • The company boasts an annual revenue of approximately $1.1 billion.
  • Bentley’s solutions are utilized in more than 194 countries worldwide.
  • With 39 years of operation, Bentley has a long-standing history in the infrastructure engineering software industry.


  • Infrastructure Engineering Software Solutions: Bentley provides a broad array of software solutions designed to meet the needs of professionals in the infrastructure sector.
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Commitment: The company is committed to advancing infrastructure to address climate change and other environmental challenges, contributing to economic sustainability and improved quality of life.
  • OpenCities Map: A geospatial software for digital cities that enables efficient documentation and modeling of assets in both 2D and 3D geospatial environments. It supports integration with common spatial databases like Oracle Spatial, SQL Server Spatial, PostgreSQL (PostGIS), and Esri.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Bentley Systems, Incorporated, 685 Stockton Drive, Exton, PA 19341, United States 
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

3. NOVAsat

NOVAsat, established in May 2001 and headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a prominent provider in the Communication and Information Technology (ICT) sector, particularly in the realm of geospatial and Geographic Information System (GIS) services. This company has carved out a significant presence in the industry by delivering comprehensive ICT solutions tailored to a wide spectrum of client needs, from large enterprises and government bodies to SMEs and startups.

Through its commitment to innovation and quality, NOVAsat leverages the latest technological advancements by collaborating with leading global technology manufacturers and vendors. This ensures that the geospatial solutions offered are not only cutting-edge but also customized to meet the specific requirements of each client. The company’s skilled technical team, with access to extensive partner resources, underscores NOVAsat’s capability in successfully deploying geospatial and GIS projects.

In addition to its core geospatial services, NOVAsat’s portfolio spans satellite communication, security and low current systems, infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT), data center and cloud solutions, cyber security, wireless communications, and managed services. This broad range of services, combined with a client-centric approach and a steadfast commitment to quality standards such as ISO 9001:2015, positions NOVAsat as a key player in driving the ICT revolution within Saudi Arabia and beyond, facilitating the digital transformation of businesses and government operations through superior geospatial and GIS technologies.

Key Highlights:

  • Established Presence: Founded in May 2001, NOVAsat has become a leading force in the ICT sector within Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of services that cater to a diverse clientele including large enterprises, government bodies, SMEs, and startups.
  • Headquartered in Riyadh: With its central operations based out of Riyadh, NOVAsat maintains a strong operational presence throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Specialization in Geospatial and GIS Services: NOVAsat excels in providing advanced geospatial and Geographic Information System (GIS) services, enhancing the ability of organizations to analyze and visualize spatial information effectively.
  • Innovation and Custom Solutions: Through partnerships with global technology leaders, NOVAsat integrates the latest technologies into customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Expert Technical Team: A highly skilled technical team, with access to extensive resources from global partners, ensures the successful deployment of tailored ICT projects.
  • Commitment to Quality: NOVAsat’s dedication to quality is highlighted by its compliance with ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards, emphasizing customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
  • Award-Winning Performance: Recognition as one of the top performers in the Saudi ICT industry, including achieving the 2nd place among the top 100 Saudi fast growth companies at the Global Competitive Forum 2012 in Riyadh.


  • Satellite Communication (Satcom): Comprehensive satellite communication services to meet various organizational needs.
  • Security and Low Current Systems: Cutting-edge solutions for security and low current requirements, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Infrastructure Solutions: Robust infrastructure development services for enhanced ICT operations.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Innovative IoT solutions for connected and automated systems.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS): Specialized GIS services for spatial data analysis, mapping, and visualization.
  • Data Center and Cloud Services: State-of-the-art data center and cloud computing solutions for scalable and efficient data management.
  • Cyber Security: Advanced cyber security services to protect digital assets and information.
  • Wireless Communications: Solutions for reliable and efficient wireless communication across various platforms.
  • Managed Services: Comprehensive managed ICT services for optimized operational performance and productivity.

Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Address: NOVAsat Commercial Company Ltd. Building No.32 C,
  • The Business Gate King Khaled International Airport Road (North of SABIC) P.O. Box (WASEL): 2247
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Head Office, Riyadh
  • Phone:  966-11283-5600, 920022006
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:


ALIA ICT has rapidly emerged as one of the leading professional ICT services providers in the Middle East, particularly in the realm of digital transformation. With a focus on leveraging disruptive technologies, ALIA ICT assists large enterprises, government entities, and startups alike in enhancing their services and operational efficiencies. Their commitment to driving innovation and digital transformation is evident through their consultative, industry-based approach, which aims to help clients envision, build, and operate more innovative and efficient businesses.

Established as a part of the broader initiative to support digital advancement, ALIA ICT boasts a wide array of services that span from software services and IT solutions to IT-enabled services and product research & development. Their expertise in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and developing enterprise mobility applications highlights their capacity to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions. Additionally, ALIA ICT has made significant strides in the field of GIS Mapping and Software Applications, offering comprehensive geospatial services that include GIS survey, mapping, data development, and spatial analysis.

ALIA ICT’s history of growth and expansion further underscores their status as a key player in the ICT sector. Since its inception in 2004, the company has established offshore facilities in Egypt and India, broadening its operational footprint and enhancing its service capabilities. The acquisition by AICC Group in 2009 marked a pivotal point in ALIA ICT’s journey, integrating it into a conglomerate with diverse business interests. Through continuous investment in research and development, ALIA ICT remains at the forefront of innovation, developing products like Nazeel, the leading web-based hotel and apartment booking management software in Saudi Arabia.

Key Highlights:

  • Pioneers in digital transformation for various sectors including large enterprises and government entities.
  • Comprehensive range of services from software solutions, IT solutions, to IT-enabled services and product R&D.
  • Significant contributions to GIS mapping and software applications, showcasing their expertise in geospatial technologies.


  • Software Services:
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Implementation
    • Microsoft SharePoint Implementation
    • Enterprise Applications Development
  • IT Solutions:
    • Network Infrastructure Design & Implementation
    • Data Centre Design & Implementation
    • Storage & Backup Solutions
    • Virtualization
  • IT Enabled Services:
    • GIS Mapping and Polyline Data Services
    • Pavement Surface Condition Survey and Data Analytics
    • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Research & Development:
    • Nazeel: B2B hotel and apartment booking management software
    • Hats: Hospitality management software
    • Honeycomb ERP: Custom ERP solution based on Microsoft .NET Technology Framework

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Electronic Company for High Technology [ALIA ICT] P.O Box .103230, Riyadh – 11695, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Phone: 920006339, +966 118266270
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Twitter:

5. Autodesk

Autodesk has established itself as a pioneer in the design and manufacturing software industry, revolutionizing how the world is designed and made. With a broad array of software solutions, Autodesk plays a crucial role in various sectors, from creating greener buildings and smarter products to producing mesmerizing blockbusters. Their commitment to helping customers design and make a better world for all is evident through their innovative projects and research initiatives.

The company actively participates in addressing global issues such as affordable housing through initiatives like Project Phoenix, which employs sustainable, modular design to revitalize disused lots. Autodesk’s research into generative design and AI showcases its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring faster design-to-production times and improving outcomes. Furthermore, Autodesk’s employee resource groups contribute to societal welfare by supporting nonprofits focused on underserved communities, veterans, reproductive rights, and more, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to corporate social responsibility.

Autodesk’s mission to empower innovators with design and make technology is realized through its extensive technology portfolio that spans architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment. This mission drives the company to equip customers to transcend traditional boundaries of project, discipline, and industry, thereby transforming what can be made. With global technology centers fostering collaboration among industry innovators, Autodesk is at the forefront of exploring AI, robotics, simulation, and other emerging technologies. Additionally, their commitment to advancing sustainable outcomes is reflected in solutions that enable better energy and material choices.

Key Highlights:

  • Autodesk’s software solutions impact diverse sectors by enabling greener, smarter, and more efficient designs.
  • The company’s innovative projects like Project Phoenix highlight their commitment to sustainable and affordable housing.
  • Autodesk Research is exploring the potential of generative design and AI to revolutionize the future of designing and making.


  • Geospatial Features and Drawing Objects in AutoCAD Map 3D Toolset: Enables users to work with both CAD objects and geospatial features, enhancing the integration and manipulation of spatial data.
  • GIS Support in Industry-Specific Products: Autodesk products come with robust GIS capabilities, allowing for the translation of GIS data into AutoCAD native data formats.
  • Access to Global Geospatial Data: Offers techniques for importing various GIS data into design environments, supporting projects from initial design decisions to complex development plans.
  • Exploration of Emerging Technologies: Through global technology centers, Autodesk encourages the collaboration on new possibilities for construction and fabrication, driving innovation in the industry.
  • Advancement of Sustainable Outcomes: Autodesk’s solutions promote sustainable design practices, enabling the creation of healthier, more resilient places, products, and systems.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Autodesk Saudi Arabia, Al Jumaiaa Bldg, 5th flr. #504. King Fahad Branc Road Al Mohammadiyah, Riyadh 12361, Saudi Arabia
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
  • Instagram:

6. Esri

Esri stands as a global authority in the geographic information system (GIS) domain, offering technology that enables the creation, management, analysis, and mapping of various data types. GIS technology by Esri is renowned for connecting data to maps, integrating location data with descriptive information, thereby providing a robust foundation for mapping and analysis applicable across numerous industries. This integration facilitates an understanding of patterns, relationships, and geographic context, enhancing communication, efficiency, decision-making, and management.

Organizations worldwide leverage Esri’s GIS to craft maps that convey information, perform analyses, share insights, and tackle complex challenges. This widespread application across fields underscores GIS’s versatility in addressing global concerns by identifying problems, monitoring changes, managing events, forecasting, setting priorities, and understanding trends. Esri’s GIS technology embodies geographic science combined with tools for understanding and collaboration, aiming to equip people with actionable intelligence derived from diverse data types.

Esri has been at the forefront of geographic science and geospatial analytics since 1969, embodying what it describes as “The Science of Where.” This approach to problem-solving emphasizes the significance of geographic context in unveiling hidden patterns, trends, and relationships through data visualization and analysis on maps. Esri’s commitment to advancing geography for business, government, and society is evident in its development of sophisticated mapping and advanced geospatial analytics, facilitating faster data sharing and collaboration to tackle the world’s most complex issues, including climate change, supply chain resilience, public health, and social equity.

Key Highlights:

  • Esri is a leading authority in GIS software, location intelligence, and mapping.
  • The company’s GIS technology connects data to maps, enhancing decision-making across various industries.
  • Esri has been a pioneer in geographic science and geospatial analytics since 1969.


  • GIS Software Solutions: Offers a comprehensive suite of GIS technology for data creation, management, analysis, and mapping.
  • Spatial Analysis and Decision-Making Tools: Provides tools for spatial analysis, helping users evaluate suitability, capability, and more for insightful decision-making.
  • GIS Applications: Develops apps for various platforms, enhancing GIS accessibility and user experience for mobile phones, tablets, web browsers, and desktops.
  • Geospatial Analytics: Utilizes advanced analytics to reveal hidden patterns and trends through data visualization on maps, supporting critical decision-making and problem-solving.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: Esri Saudi Arabia Ltd. Brand Tower, 3rd Floor, Imam Saud Bin Faisal Road
  • Phone: +380445024121
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:
  • Instagram:

7. Trimble

Trimble Geospatial is a significant entity in the realm of geospatial solutions, recognized for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. With a global network of engineering and innovation centers located in the US, Germany, France, Sweden, and New Zealand, Trimble is at the forefront of developing advanced GNSS and optical hardware, sensor integrations, and software tailored for geospatial applications. This global presence underscores their dedication to transforming how work is performed across various industries by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Education and sustainability are central to Trimble Geospatial’s mission. By partnering with academic institutions around the world, Trimble ensures that students have access to the latest surveying and mapping technology, along with mentorship from seasoned professionals, fostering the next generation of geospatial experts. Furthermore, their solutions aim to accelerate the pace at which organizations can contribute to a cleaner and safer planet, reflecting a deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship and the use of data for good.

As part of the larger Trimble family, Trimble Geospatial extends its reach into civil construction, transportation, agriculture, and more, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions across various sectors. Their global network of distribution partners ensures that precision geospatial solutions, insights, and support are accessible at a local level, demonstrating Trimble’s holistic approach to addressing industry-specific needs through innovative technology and a customer-centric philosophy.

Key Highlights:

  • Global presence with engineering and innovation centers across the US, Germany, France, Sweden, and New Zealand.
  • Active collaboration with academic institutions to educate and mentor future geospatial professionals.
  • Strong commitment to sustainability through solutions aimed at delivering a cleaner, safer planet.


  • Hardware Solutions:
    • Total Stations: Offering scanning, robotic, Autolock®, and mechanical total stations.
    • GNSS Systems: Integrated and modular GNSS systems for precise surveying and mapping.
    • Laser Scanning: Terrestrial 3D laser scanning and imaging systems.
    • Mobile Mapping: Vehicle-mounted systems for extensive mapping projects.
    • Data Collectors: Durable devices designed for efficient data collection.
    • Monitoring: Automated, real-time monitoring systems with alerts.
    • Augmented Reality: Technologies that visualize geospatial data in the real world.
    • Digital Levels: Precision measuring tools for accurate data collection under any condition.
  • Software Solutions:
    • Field Software: Maximizing workflow efficiency with robust field applications.
    • Office Software: High-quality deliverables production software.
    • Cloud Software: Facilitating easy collaboration with cloud-based solutions.
    • Real-Time Networks: Establishing and maintaining precise GNSS real-time networks.

Contact Information:

  • Website:
  • Address: 10368 Westmoor Drive, Westminster, CO 80021, USA
  • Linkedin:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:


In summing up the landscape of top geospatial companies in Saudi Arabia, it’s evident that these entities are not just contributing to the country’s technological landscape but are crucial drivers of its Vision 2030 goals. Through innovative use of GIS, remote sensing, and spatial analytics, these companies are setting the stage for a future where data-driven decisions pave the way for sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and enhanced urban planning. Companies like exemplify the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that is propelling Saudi Arabia towards becoming a global leader in geospatial technologies. Their tailored solutions and cutting-edge approaches are enabling sectors across the board — from agriculture to urban development — to leverage the power of geospatial data for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Looking ahead, the trajectory for geospatial companies in Saudi Arabia is one of growth and expansion, with the potential to revolutionize how the Kingdom approaches challenges and opportunities. As these companies continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing world, their role in Saudi Arabia’s transformation will undoubtedly become more pronounced. The integration of geospatial technologies into various sectors is not just enhancing operational efficiencies but also contributing to the realization of a more connected, sustainable, and resilient Saudi Arabia. The journey ahead for these companies is full of possibilities, with the promise of innovation and progress guiding their path towards contributing to a brighter future for the Kingdom and beyond.

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