Empowering Businesses with Geospatial Analytics: Sergey Sukhanov speaks with

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In a recent interview with the digital publisher, Dr. Sergey Sukhanov, CEO and co-founder of FlyPix AI, shed light on the inspiration behind the company and its game-changing approach to geospatial analytics.

During the interview, Dr. Sukhanov highlighted the core challenge faced by small and mid-sized companies – the limited access to affordable and user-friendly geospatial analytics solutions. Many existing options in the market prove either expensive or overly complex for businesses of modest sizes to implement and leverage effectively. To address this gap, FlyPix AI was born.

“Our platform, FlyPix AI, is specifically designed to bridge this gap,” emphasized Dr. Sukhanov. “We offer a solution that is both affordable and easy-to-use, making geospatial analytics accessible to businesses of all sizes”

Looking forward, Dr. Sergey Sukhanov shared FlyPix AI’s ambitious plans for the next five years. As a leading geospatial analytics platform, the company aims to strengthen its position further, solidifying its role as an industry pioneer. The goal is to expand its customer base globally, fostering impactful partnerships and collaborations across diverse sectors. “We aspire to become the preferred choice for other industry verticals seeking powerful and user-friendly geospatial analytics solutions” stated Dr. Sukhanov.

The interview with exemplified FlyPix AI’s dedication to lead the charge in reshaping how companies approach geospatial analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Read the full interview here.



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