Geospatial Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Industry

FlyPix's Object Detection Technology for Aerial Imagery Empowers Oil & Gas Companies to Monitor Assets and Detect Pipeline Leaks Remotely.


Monitor critical oil and gas infraestructure remotely


Detect early signs of leaks and minimize the impact on the environment


Improve the efficiency and accuracy of asets inspections

Oil spill detection
FlyPix AI can help oil and gas companies identify and respond to oil spills quickly, reducing environmental damage and minimising cleanup costs. By analyzing high-resolution aerial images for specific patterns and characteristics that correspond to oil spills, such as color, texture, and shape FlyPix AI can detect and classify oil spills in land and water environments and provide critical information such as the location, size, and direction of the spill, allowing oil and gas companies to prioritise their response efforts and allocate resources more effectively.

By leveraging it's change detection capabilities, FlyPix AI, can also help oil and gas companies monitor the spread and movement of the spill over time, enabling a more comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact and overall improving oil spill management practices

Monitoring Oil & Gas Infrastructure
FlyPix AI can be used to remotely monitor oil and gas pipelines and other assets for leaks and other forms of damage. By analyzing high-resolution aerial images, FlyPix AI can quickly provide early detection of leaks, detect unannounced construction and excavation sites or other hazards, allowing oil and gas companies to respond quickly and minimize the impact of them. Furthermore, using an artificial intelligence platform such as FlyPix AI for monitoring oil and infrastructure can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of inspections, as it can cover large areas quickly and detect damage that might be missed in traditional ground-level inspections.