Empower your environmental management initiatives with our advanced object detection platform for aerial imagery, designed to automate the detection and analysis of environmental hazards, such as waste, pollution and oil spills in land and marine environments.


Empower environmental management initiatives


Detect environmental hazards in land and marine environments


Obtain insights into the status of animal and tree populations

Tree counting & classification

FlyPix AI can be used to optimize tree classification and counting and help foresters make more informed decisions. By analyzing high-resolution satellite or drone images, FlyPix's detection and tree counting software can be trained to recognise specific features of different tree species, such as the shape, size, and colour of the leaves, bark, or canopy, and then use this information to locate, count, and classify trees in a given area. This can help foresters significantly reduce the time required for tree detection and counting in aerial images, especially if the area being surveyed is large.

Monitoring & measuring animal populations

Aerial wildlife surveys can provide a comprehensive view of wildlife populations and their habitat that would be difficult to obtain through ground-based surveys alone. But analyzing this data is often extremely time-consuming. However, with FlyPix AI, specialists, can automate the analysis of aerial wildlife surveys and quickly understand the size, location, and movement of animal populations in a given area. Our software can be used to automate animal counting and detection by identifying and locating individual animals in aerial imagery and then counting the total number of animals detected, allowing conservationists to quickly measure animal population in a given area.

Illegal logging identification

Illegal logging remains a significant problem that poses serious environmental, economic, and social challenges and efforts to combat it must be strengthened. FlyPix AI can be a valuable tool for illegal logging detection by providing law enforcement agencies and forestry officials with the information they need to identify and prevent these activities. Our software can automatically analyze drone or satellite imagery to detect illegal logging by tracking changes in the forest canopy that may indicate the presence of illegal logging activities, such as areas with low tree densities, missing trees, or cut stumps.

Waste Detection and Classification

Identifying and classifying waste materials using high-resolution drone or satellite images requires significant effort and resources, however, FlyPix AI can automate waste detection in land and water environments, enabling more effective and efficient waste management practices. Using artificial intelligence to analyze high resolution aerial images to detect and classify waste materials, such as plastics, debris, or other pollutants, FlyPix AI can analyze large areas of land or water quickly and accurately. Waste detection using image processing saves significant time and resources compared to manual detection methods and can provide critical information to environmental agencies and researchers to better understand the scale and scope of waste pollution in a particular area

Oil Spill Detection and Monitoring

FlyPix AI can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of oil spill detection and response, in both land and marine environments. By analyzing high-resolution images captured by drones or satellites, FlyPix AI can automatically detect and classify oil spills and provide critical information to environmental agencies and researchers, such as the location, size, and direction of the spill, which can help in the containment and mitigation of the spill. In addition, FlyPix AI can also monitor the spread and movement of the spill over time, enabling a more comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact and overall improving oil spill management practices

Deforestation monitoring 

Detecting and monitoring deforestation solely relying on satellite images can be a time-consuming process since this typically requires analyzing large amounts of image data. However, FlyPix AI can automate this process by using artificial intelligence to detect deforestation. Our software uses complex machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of satellite imagery and identify changes in vegetation patterns that may be indicative of deforestation. By automating the deforestation detection process, FlyPix AI can enable conservation organizations, governments, and other stakeholders to quickly identify areas of concern and take action to protect forests and biodiversity.