Object Detection for AGRICULTURE & FARMING

FlyPix's Object Detection Technology for Aerial Imagery Allows Farmers to Monitor Crop Growth and Health and Keep Track of Livestock Remotely


Reduce the time and effort required for manual crop scouting


Prioritize treatment efforts and reduce the spread of diseases


Make informed decisions to optimize livestock management

Crop Scouting and Counting

While unmanned aerial vehicle-based crop scouting can be an effective way to monitor and analyze crops, analyzing the images captured by an UAV requires significant time and resources. Our crop and field scouting software, FlyPix AI, has the potential to significantly accelerate the analysis process of aerial crop scouting and support farmers through each stage of the crop lifespan.

By using advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, FlyPix AI can analyze high-resolution aerial images and automatically detect and classify individual plants, detect abnormalities in crop growth patterns, identify potential disease or pest outbreaks, and provide valuable insights to farmers to optimize yields and reduce crop loss.

FlyPix AI can also be used for crop counting. By analyzing high-resolution aerial images from drones or satellites, FlyPix AI's crop counting software can accurately detect and identify individual plants, even in large fields.

Crop Disease Detection and Weed Mapping

FlyPix AI can be used in agriculture for weed detection and pest and disease mapping. By analyzing high-resolution aerial images, FlyPix AI can accurately identify and map weed growth from aerial imagery. This allows farmers and land managers to quickly and efficiently survey their land, identify problem areas, and target their weed management efforts.

FlyPix AI is also able to detect subtle changes in plant color, texture, and shape that may indicate the presence of disease. This information can be used to create a detailed map of disease prevalence in the crop, allowing farmers to prioritize treatment efforts and reduce the spread of disease. FlyPix AI can also provide ongoing monitoring of the crop to track disease progression and determine the effectiveness of crop disease management strategies.

Livestock Management

FlyPix AI offers a unique solution for monitoring livestock from aerial imagery. Using advanced image processing technology, our system can analyze high-resolution aerial images to detect, track, and monitor individual animals within a herd. This can be used to optimize livestock management, track animal health and well-being, and improve overall productivity. With FlyPix, farmers and ranchers can save time and resources by identifying and addressing issues early on, and making more informed decisions about feeding, breeding, and health management.

FlyPix AI also offers advanced geospatial analytics capabilities, such as the ability to identify specific animals, monitor their behaviour, and detect any signs of stress, illness or injury. It also allows farmers to monitor the grazing patterns of their herd, and make sure they are not overgrazing in certain areas, which allows for sustainable grazing practices and can help improve the overall health of the land.