FlyPix AI Joins NVIDIA Inception Program

nvidia inception program logo

FlyPix AI has embarked on an exciting journey as a member of the NVIDIA Inception program, a move that accelerates the company’s growth and access to vital resources.

NVIDIA Inception, a program launched by NVIDIA, is designed to support startups by providing them with cutting-edge technology, connections to investors, and a wealth of technical resources. Unlike traditional accelerators, NVIDIA Inception offers support across all stages of a startup’s development, ensuring that innovative ideas have the support they need to flourish.

This partnership empowers FlyPix AI with resources to enhance its technology and collaborate with other startups in the NVIDIA Inception community. It also opens doors to potential investors and strategic alliances.

As part of NVIDIA Inception, FlyPix AI looks forward to an impactful journey of innovation and growth. Stay tuned for updates on our progress within the program.



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