An end-to-end geospatial AI platform 

for object detection, localization, tracking, and monitoring

FlyPix AI GIS platform

With FlyPix's AI engine, you can extract geo-referenced insights from drone and satellite imagery in an automated and user-friendly way.

What can FlyPix do for you?


Detect, segment and localize objects and areas

  • By accessing and selecting existing AI models from FlyPix's library
  • By creating and improving your own model in an intuitive way

Get detailed information about an object's properties

  • Object type
  • Area
  • Size
  • Other

Change detection

Monitor how a particular area has changed over time


Anomaly detection

Quickly identify unusual patterns in aerial imaging


Tracking over time

Detect and track changes in an object's properties or location over time


Create use cases tailored to your needs

How does FlyPix work?

FlyPix AI 03


Save time and money

With FlyPix AI you can leverage the power of
AI to conduct remote inspections from the
comfort of your desk

Gain competitive edge

Our cutting-edge deep learning technology
equips you with a quick and powerful way of
extracting insights.

Best-in-class user experience

FlyPix AI's user friendly interface allows you
to visualize geospatial data in a simple way
and extract reports in a variety of formats

The industries we serve


Waste Detection
FlyPix AI allows you to get detailed information about the littering situation over large areas of land, such as coastlines, and can help guide cleanup efforts by detecting, classifying and quantifying different types of waste.

Road Inspection
Ensuring optimal road condition requires continuous monitoring. FlyPix AI can automatically detect and classify cracks, potholes and other types of road damage, allowing to guide maintenance efforts and dispatch teams to the areas requiring prompt action.


Construction Site Inspection
Conduct remote construction site inspections and reduce the need for manual inspection by automatically detecting any object (e.g. vehicles, cement packs or other) and extracting detailed information about their properties. Construction site owners can also use FlyPix AI to monitor progress remotely and analyse how a particular area has changed over time or detect any anomalies.

Renewable energy

Remote monitoring of critical infrastructure
Remotely monitor critical infrastructure such as solar panels and wind turbines in areas expanding thousands of kilometers in just a few hours.

With FlyPix AI, power plant managers can perform mapping and/or counting of solar panels (or wind turbines) across a selected area and promptly detect any damage on the external structures.

Precision Agriculture

Crop scouting
Monitoring crop progress usually requires a lot of time and effort. With FlyPix AI it is possible to remotely track crop progress and monitor the health of fields expanding hundreds of hectares in a timely manner.

Plant Counting
Counting plant species in forests expanding tens of thousands of hectares can take foresters many hours of work . However, FlyPix AI can automatically detect and count different plant species in a matter of minutes or hours.

Risk Management

Household Risk Assessment
Evaluating and assessing risks is critical for the calculation of the correct premium for an insured household. With FlyPix AI, insurance companies can assess the risk of flooding, wildfires or storms of areas under their coverage, making it easier to assign the correct premium for an insured property.

Roof Material Recognition
Detecting and classifying roof materials of properties can be of use when assessing the risk of damage associated with thunderstorms, snowfall or other events. With FlyPix AI companies perform AI-based roof assessment in just a few hours.

Oil & Gas

Monitoring Of Oil & Gas Infrastructure
With FlyPix AI oil & gas companies can monitor critical infrastructure such as dams and pipelines remotely. FlyPix AI allows operation managers to detect unannounced construction and excavation sites, or overgrown vegetation near pipelines.Plus, it also allows to monitor how a particular area has changed over time or uncover anomalies or structural defects on critical infrastructure.

Forestry & Environment

Waste Detection
Locating and collecting waste is usually very time-consuming, especially when it is spread across large areas of land. FlyPix AI can provide detailed insights about the littering situation over large areas of land - meadows or fields, by detecting, classifying and quantifying different types of waste.

Forest Management
FlyPix AI can help foresters make informed decisions about an area or region by detecting, classifying and quantifying different plant species, performing plant counting and weed detection. FlyPix AI can assess the plant population of an area and provide an accurate estimate of the forest composition.

Smart City

Waste Detection
The use of AI for waste detection can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of waste detection and management efforts of a city. It allows for more timely and effective responses and helps to reduce the negative impacts of waste on the environment. FlyPix AI can offer detailed information about the littering situation of an area by analysing aerial imagery to detect, classify and quantify different types of waste in a timely manner.

Port operations

Port and Harbor management
Large international ports can be complex to manage, however, with FlyPix AI can provide port operators with a comprehensive view of port activities and facilities. With FlyPix AI, port operators can automatically detect and track entities like vessels and containers from drone or satellite data, detect how a particular area has changed over time and detect any anomalies, increasing in this way, operational efficiency.

Monitor Oil tank filling
FlyPix AI can allow port operators to obtain an estimation of oil reserves in tanks located along port facilities by analysing SAR data.


Monitoring of animal population: Detect and monitor changes in animal populations and understand migration patterns to make informed decisions about conservation and management efforts.

Waste detection: Detect, classify and quantify different types of waste and guide cleanup efforts in coastal areas.

Spillage detection: Detect and track the spread of spillages in your area and plan appropriate clean-up efforts.

Tree counting & Monitoring:  Detect, classify an quantify different tree species and monitor changes in tree populations in your area.


Remote Monitoring
Mine operators are required to regularly monitor what is happening on the ground. By analyzing drone or satellite data FlyPix AI can extract detailed information about different entities (object type, area, size, etc.) and monitor how a particular area has changed over time, or detect anomalies which helps operators to proactively monitor their mining operations.

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